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“The only people who give you the industry secrets that guarantee you will save money on your uniform and facility services.”

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Our consulting option is a personal approach to maximizing the total value of the services you need. We become your "Uniform/Facility Service Manager"

One on one w/ The Uniform Broker 

Account Assessment +


Bid Specifications 

Site Location Audits

Comprehensive Site Audit (CSA)

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Account Assessment

 We make it simple! We will provide you a short "checklist" of documents needed to maximize your savings potential!

Comprehensive Invoices Audit

Customer Service Agreement review

Custom Webstore

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We are compensated on the dollar value saved. There are no up-front cost to you. No contracts and no additional commitment. 

Account Assessment
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Account Assessment +

Our Account Assessment Plus service features all the great benefits of our "Account Assessment" service! In addition you will receive the following.

"How is the service" video conference

* "Service issues and how to handle them"

* "Contract negotiations to securing the best value"

* "True cost of uniform rental and how to manage it" 

Facility Services analysis to maximize value and minimize cost

* indicates video conference


Letter Templates 

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Spread sheets to savings links

Account Assessment Plus
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The Uniform Broker, LLC is neither affiliated with nor receives compensation from any service providers. We are non-bias and strive to secure the best available services and products on behalf of our consumer.