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Retention Navigator by The Uniform Broker

Our RETENTION NAVIGATOR is a one on one or team guide to help you through the process of understanding the "Why & How" for Lost Accounts. Our goal behind this onsite training is to create awareness and to design a path of accountability that is manageable and ultimately leads to creating improved customer retention.

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How we help you improve Customer Retention…

First, we begin with the consult meeting! Here we will discuss company goals, timeline, current market share, competitor market share, and more…

This meeting is performed via conference call or video conferencing.

Second, we enter the Uncovering Phase. In this process, we “hit the street” to visit three potential in “danger of being loss” clients. This include’s conducting an Internal Competitive Analysis that will identify the strengths & weakness of your performance, conduct customer interviews, audit the goods or services you provide based on the material given from the consult meeting, and more…

Third, we contact and visit your five most recent lost accounts to conduct a brief interview to uncover the real “why” for them choosing to discontinue doing business with you.

Forth, we connect with five random customers to receive their true opinion on the goods and services you provide and determine the likelihood they will choose to continue doing business with you.

Steps two-four are performed in person over a period of three days. Steps two & three are conducted on day one of arrival. Step four is performed on the second day.

Fifth, the final step in the process is to conduct onsite training showcasing the findings of the audit. The purpose is to educate, not to intimidate! It is important to understand that to create improved retention, the staff, employees, or team partners must know that it is an exercise to bring awareness. It will be the responsibility of all to provide support and encouragement. This is how Customer Service is improved, this is how Employee Retention is maintained, and ultimately leading to the improvement of Customer Retention.

Step five is performed on the final day before the start of the workday for sales and service personnel. This training is a summary of the positives & negatives. We work with you to Coach team partners in understanding corrective measures and their role in that. A copy of the summary will be provided to you along with a copy of the powerpoint presentation used in the training for your future use.

With RETENTION NAVIGATOR we work alongside you in training staff from sales to service. We will provide support on a monthly basis with an accountability call either to you or to the local management.