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“We know that dealing with uniform and facilities services can be frustrating and stressful. The last thing you should be worrying about is overpaying for the services you need. We’ll help you avoid costly mistakes, and get the best value from your investment.”

- Stephen L. Driscoll

The Uniform Broker

Founder & CEO

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The Uniform Broker is a Business to Business services firm. Our number one job is assisting our clients by uncovering areas of their business that are causes for losses in profitability. We pride ourselves in assisting our clients in achieving their business goals through account assessments, consulting, and contract negotiations.

The Uniform Broker was founded by longtime textile rental professional Stephen Driscoll also known as "the uniform broker." It was

his years of experience that has led him to bring his firsthand knowledge to you the consumer.

Mr. Driscoll entered the rental industry in June of 2000. Since that time, he has been part of the nation’s leading providers, having served in management roles of different degrees within the textile rental industry. (i.e. uniform, facility services, mats, towels, and etc.)

The Uniform Broker began with an idea. Time, place, and further development was needed to ensure the fulfillment of our guiding principles and company mission. The company later organized in 2017 and launched in January 2018, establishing operations in Springfield, MO.

From this the creation of "" was formed, video content can be found online at The Uniform Broker YouTube channel along with a blog page as part of this website. Both resources provide customers, prospective customers, and anyone interested in learning more about the real cost of managed workwear and facility service rental, lease, and/or purchase. With a lead by experience motto, he has created a consumer and provider friendly company that allows all parties to benefit from continued business partnerships while keeping the focus on streamlining cash flow and maximizing profit for our clients. 

Our goal at The Uniform Broker is to assist all businesses small, medium, and large in maximizing the total benefit of their managed rental, lease, or purchase programs for their work uniforms and facility services.