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We are going to look at the options for renting or leasing uniforms. Either option does require contracting with a uniform service company that will pick up your uniforms on a daily or weekly basis. Although eliminating some of the up-front cost if not all of the upfront cost compared to purchasing your uniforms. It does not guarantee that inconsistency will not happen among your employee's workplace apparel or uniform. Each option, however, does have benefit whether you choose a rental, lease, or even purchase. Image or presentation of the employee in uniform has to be the responsibility of the company being represented. Only the company can hold a wearer accountable for their appearance. So let's look at the differences in renting vs. leasing.

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Renting vs. Leasing Uniforms- Is there a difference?

Uniform rental vs. Uniform leasing although similar services they are uniquely different. To start either program it will require that you enter into a Term of Agreement or Customer Service Agreement to begin receiving the goods and services being provided by the selected Uniform Company. From here both programs are very much alike, you will be scheduled for all potential wearers to be measured for fit, the order will be entered and filled by the provider, delivery of the contracted Uniforms will be the same, and all repairs, replacements, and size exchanges will be performed by the contracted Uniform provider.

The biggest difference between renting and leasing uniforms is how the laundering is handled. When you rent uniforms you are issued a number of uniforms, we will call them sets (tops/bottoms) and the number of sets is based on the number of days being worked that require a Uniform to be worn. For example; if you work five days a week your issued amount of sets will be eleven, five for the week of, five in the laundry, and the swing set that you are wearing the day of delivery and pick up. Likewise, if you work six days a week your issue is then thirteen sets, and for seven days a week, you will be issued fifteen sets.

In some industries, there’s a good chance you’re going to have the need for additional uniforms. This will be determined by the usage of the Uniform for your industry as some require changing multiple times in a day. This is where a rental program is the best option, the Uniform Company will be responsible for the pickup and delivery of the Uniforms. As part of the rental service, they will launder, organize, and deliver the Uniforms to your customer site.

Most companies who choose to participate with rental may not realize they truly do not have a 100% need for a Rental Uniform program. Do you have employees who insist on washing their Uniforms and never turn them in for laundering? This is what is known as "under wash" in the industry and makes up for approximately 33% of all rental programs. The Uniform Company banks on this. It allows them to become more profitable as you are paying 100% for the rental with only 67% (appx. average) participation from the wearers.

This is where having The Uniform Broker assist you in creating an accurate, functional, and an economic program that benefits you and ultimately is going to save you thousands of dollars.

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How leasing works

So, let's look at Uniform Leasing. With this program, all the benefits of full rental are available to you other than the laundering. Also, the issued amount of Uniforms is decreased to your number of days per week worked. Why would you need eleven sets for a five day work week when you or your employee will be handling the washing of the Uniforms? There is no need to pay for uniforms to just hang in the closet.

Now, what we do differently at The Uniform Broker is we assess your business with you. In conversation, we will uncover the goals you wish to achieve in a Uniform program. Whether you choose a rental, lease, or even purchase, we will assist you in this process so that you WIN and so does your bottom line. Just as I mentioned above not all employees require the need for Rental Uniforms.

Which is right for your business?

By identifying the true need of who, what, and how. We can be strategic and create those cost-saving initiatives that are going to drive profitability to your company. Do not trust Sales Reps who are trying to over-inflate your weekly rental value to make themselves a larger commission check.

With the true need, you will now have a professionally managed program that is the best fit for you and the provider. Cost for both parties will be minimized but the value will now be maximized. Also, understanding the application of each program will minimize the lost product, minimize the "I forgot to bring in my uniforms for laundering," and it will minimize the amount of work and effort that you or your employee invest each week managing the program. Therefore, making it all around more productive.

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Uniform Rental, How Do You Know That You Are Receiving The Best Value?

Uniform Rental, How Do You Know That You Are Receiving The Best Value?

There are three fundamental functions of a uniform rental program

1. Style

Now I am not talking about style in the sense of what is popular, or the latest fashion being worn by this weeks celeb scene. What I am talking about is the style of garment for the application of the job it will be serving. As an example; denim, cotton, poly/cotton blend, synthetics. These are styles of garments and each has an application. Understanding these applications is crucial given if the wrong style of garment is put into service creating a safety concern or worse a health hazard. So, how do you know the correct application or the right style for your business or employees need?

2. Perception

Perception or Image plays a huge role in a proper uniform program. Just as important as style, a well-created program with the proper look brings more than just image value but it brings a sense of team, comradery, and boosted morale. When you can combine these three elements along with the style of a garment designed for peak performance in the environment it is exposed too. You will gain employee, employer, and more importantly Customer trust.

3. Morale

If you have followed me in the past on this blog or on my YouTube channel chances are you have heard me speak about morale. As much as many people complain about having to wear a uniform, the truth is it is the most preferred method to uniting a group of persons together. Although most won't admit it, the idea of knowing that everyday aside all of the stresses and headaches of everyday work life and life in general. The uniform removes the responsibility and concern about "what am I going to wear today?" When you can combine style, perception, and convenience together for yourself or your employees, morale has no direction to go but up. A team that feels good, looks good and has confidence produces more and that is great news for you.

Learn more how The Uniform Broker can help you in creating accurate, functional, and economic programs that bring these three fundamentals together for you.

"Start winning today The Uniform Broker way."

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Uniform Rental vs. Purchasing Uniforms

What are you looking to gain and what is the value that a uniform brings to your business? These two questions have to be answered before weighing out the decision on should you rent or should you buy employee uniforms. Let’s take a look at each one individually and compare rent vs. purchase.

Uniform Rental

Gain – If properly managed you will receive a uniformed look and appearance among all wearers. This is a great benefit and brings value to your business. Especially to those in the customer service industry or for those businesses that have face to face interaction with their customers/prospective customers in the field.

Examples being

Garage Door Companies



Government Entities

Just to name a few.

The return on investment is not made in monetary value just yet but made in the value of trust and the professionalism exhibited by those who are representing your business or brand. The monetary value for your return on investment will come in increased sales from the creation of trust and professionalism.

But is rental right for you? That is a great question and can be answered with the proper guidance of an industry expert.

See my blog post - Should I Rent, Lease, or Buy My Employee Uniforms

Never entrust your business image or business workplace apparel to the guidance of the inexperienced. Likewise, never entrust your business to the hands of a sales representative whose sole responsibility is to inflate your weekly rental value so they make a larger commission.

Contact The Uniform Broker to help guide you to accurate, functional, and an economic program. Our Account Assessment options combined with our Consulting service will ease this burden and help you avoid costly mistakes.

Uniform Rental

Value - Rental serves as a hands-free option for ensuring the Gain of the service. At least that is what it is designed for and with the right service, the right service personnel, and the right company it most certainly can be.

However, it must be correct from the beginning. Meaning color, style, sizes, pricing, delivery sequence, location, the persons of responsibility must be established from the start to truly maximize the value of a program and receive the most Gain and Value.

This is just a shortlist of what it takes to bring a return on investment for you as the business owner. So, how does purchasing Uniforms stack up against rental you ask? Let’s dive into it, shall we?

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Uniform Purchase

Gain – Again, with a properly managed program you can have a uniformed look among all wearers. Although with purchase, 100% of the wearers will be responsible for the laundering of their work apparel and this may create discrepancies in the quality of appearance (pressed or ironed finish), there are however options available in purchase workplace apparel fabrics that are dry and wear.

Rental likewise has its drawbacks in this area as well. Statistically, around 33% of those wearing a uniform from a rental uniform program will NOT turn their soiled garments in for laundry. Therefore, 3 out of 10 wearers will wash their workplace apparel at home or at a commercial laundry. This is known as “under wash” and uniform companies bank on this to increase profitability for themselves.

Unlike a rental program, the largest gain is the garments are yours from the beginning. No worries or concerns when an employee or wearer terminates their employment voluntarily or involuntarily. With a rental, if the garments are not returned you then get hit with a HUGE lost product bill. Secondly, when purchasing workplace apparel you are only required to purchase the number of sets you deem necessary to accomplish the work goal. It may be three sets, five sets, or six, you decide.

Whereas with a rental program the number of days per week your staff will work will determine the inventory issued. That could be eleven sets for a five day work week or thirteen sets for a six-day workweek, or possibly fifteen sets for a seven day work week. Now, imagine if someone quit or termed out and you had to pay for all those uniforms.

The return on your investment is made up in monetary value from the lessened amount of sets needed to perform the job duties versus the rental amount for inflated inventory. However, there are applications and jobs that require rental uniforms and for those, I highly encourage. Just be certain to seek expert guidance to assist you in making these determinations, not all staff, employees, or otherwise will require a rental uniform program and a purchase program may make the best sense for those employees.

Value – The value in the purchase can be found in two areas. First, the availability of higher grade and quality products. Most employees have higher productivity when they feel good about their appearance. Having the right workplace apparel can do that. The right brand and the right look will go a long way in employee or staff morale. Because the purchase is not limited to a selection of garments that are considered industrial grade, you will have a larger selection of choices. We can help with that too just check out our store.

Second, NO CONTRACTS. That’s right no lop-sided contracts to bind you or your business.

There you have it, The Uniform Broker’s take on “The Return on Investment Rental Uniforms vs. Purchase Uniforms.”

Visit us at and connect with us on social media, search The Uniform Broker.

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3 Benefits

Should I Rent, Lease, or Buy


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Overall Long-Term Cost Savings

There is the significantly lower up-front cost when you are renting or leasing workplace apparel or employee uniforms, in the long-term you can save up to 60% by eliminating Uniform Rental programs from your business. Now, I understand that not all businesses can benefit from a direct purchase program. There are some environments and jobs that just require a rental program to maximize the total value. However, this does not mean your entire workforce has to participate in a rental program. This is all the reason more to have an expert on your side to help guide your business through this process so that you uncover the most cost-effective ways to uniform your employees.

Yes you may end up losing a little consistency when having your employees launder their uniforms themselves, but with an accurate, functional, and economical program has been designed specifically for your business you will have a low turnover or need of new uniforms annually instead of having to receive the monthly or weekly, you will save money and have higher-quality uniforms as well.

Customized Uniforms with Better Quality

Rental or Industrial workwear is far different than that of retail manufactured clothes. These garments are designed for industrial laundry and have to hold up to the harsh chemicals and laundering process in order to get them cleaned, neutralized, and deodorized. Therefore, the selection of styles, colors, and brands truly become limited and there again limiting the image of your business look. If you’re looking for a specific type or style of uniform, you might have a very difficult time renting or leasing something that fits everything you’re looking for. When you are purchasing your uniform this will allow you to not only select the color and style that matches your marketing, or your business image. It will give you a chance to have high-quality up to trend brands and styles of uniforms that are much more durable and far more desired by your employees than rented uniforms that are usually much lower quality in appearance and feel.

Performance is enhanced when the right clothing is being worn. 

Check out The Uniform Broker Webstore

This way, you have a look that no one else will have and a uniform that will hopefully be much more durable and last longer than if you decided to rent something that was not quite what you were looking for but close.

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Best of all No Contracts

To have the freedom to change the style, color, or logo at will, purchasing uniforms will make things easier. When renting or leasing you are the terms of agreement or contract. Take a look at this blog post.

You can choose to purchase the number of uniforms instead of locking yourself into a 5-year contract and you can switch them out as often as you want to. It eliminates a long-term cost and with our ability to construct you a proprietary Webstore of your own. You will never have to deal with another Uniform Sales Rep again. The Uniform Broker is revolutionizing how you do workplace apparel and employee uniforms.

Best of all when you order through your custom Webstore you are not bound by pricing restrictions meaning that you do not have to order specific amounts to receive specific pricing. Your pricing is fixed and shipping is always flat rate whether you buy one piece or one thousand.

The big difference in buying vs. renting is choosing between convenience and customization- what’s more important to your business?

Contact us now to talk to the experts at The Uniform Broker

Check out my YouTube Video 3 Benefits Of Buying Employee Uniforms


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Uniform Rental vs Purchase

For all business owners, choosing to rent or buy employee uniforms depends on several factors, the type of work you do for instance if the wearer's uniforms become heavily soiled on a regular basis, renting may prove more resourceful due to the availability of rental uniform programs, but buying can certainly cost less. There are four key factors that must be taken into consideration prior to making your decision. They include contract length and terms, all fees need to be discussed, and employee turnover.


Expenses vary between renting or buying employee uniforms. Most cases buying employee uniforms are going to costs significantly less than renting them over an equal timeframe, you could see up to 60% percent less cost in buying the employee uniform opposed to renting the employee uniform for that timeframe. When businesses buy workplace apparel or employee uniforms, they can and have lasted from three to five times as long as rental uniforms even with regular wear and washing. Why? Commercial or Residential laundry is not as harsh on the fabrics of the garments therefore not decreasing the life expectancy of the material. Industrial Laundry is processed in massive wash loads form 400-600 lbs each and include chemical-based wash formulas.

Customer Service Agreements (Contracts)

Call it what you will, but in the end, no provider is going to make an investment into your company without a contract. Without having a document in writing signed and agreed upon by all parties you will not receive rental uniform services from a uniform rental company. Countless times throughout my career I have heard “oh we do not have a contract” by I can assure you there is one, you may just have not known what you were signing. Rental companies require contracts. Contract length and terms will and can vary depending on numerous factors. Far too many factors for me to list here, but, all contracts are up for negotiating. All more the reason to have a Uniform Expert on your side to guide you through this process and not the guidance of an individual whose sole responsibility is to inflate your rental value and length of the contract so they make a larger commission! Make sense? Contact The Uniform Broker

Contracts could be a minimum of two years or extended well beyond five years. Rental contracts have specific instructions on time for cancellations. When at the end of each contract term, there is an automatic renewal clause and if you are not aware of it or how to address it, you will likely find yourself under the terms of a contract that has renewed for like term or worse you initiated a 36 month term but neglected to adjust the auto-renewal term and then find your business becomes liable for the terms of the standard Customer Service Agreement of 60 -72 months. The terms of the contract can include additional charges, for instances an extra 20 to 30 percent oversize charge for uniforms that are in sizes above XL. Some rental companies require you to purchase uniforms at the end of the contract on all nonstandard items more commonly known as a “buy-out” or “buy-back”. When you buy uniforms, no contracts exist. You can decide to change your uniform style after the first year if that is what you want to do. Check out our Webstore click here!

Repair and Replacement

Now if you do choose to rent uniforms, repair and replacement are often included within your contract. However, there are some rental companies that will require additional charges for certain services. Carefully read the rental contract and be sure to understand every term of it before signing it. Want The Uniform Broker to facilitate your rental or lease program? Contact us

If you buy the uniforms for your employees, you are responsible for replacement and repair charges. If your company experiences a high employee turnover rate, you may want to consider renting or minimally leasing the employee uniforms so that you won't have to repeatedly purchase uniforms that may never be used again.

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Extra Charges

Buying uniforms outright the only extra charges involved are if the uniforms need repair or replaced. When renting, you will have to pay setup charges for each new wearer who enters into the uniform rental program unless otherwise negotiated. Also, if the employee has a size change within a rental contract, a charge could result and if the wearer does not submit all of the originally issued amounts after receiving his/hers replaced sized garments, you will then become responsible for what is commonly known as a lost garment/lost product charges. Extra charges are also known as ancillary charges. So, when speaking with a sales rep from one of these companies and they are using “lingo” that you are unfamiliar with, stop them and have them to explain exactly what that means. Also, if you question anything to make certain that prior to signing that your concerns or questions are answered and put into writing.

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"Should I Rent, Lease, Or Purchase My Employee Uniforms"

"3 Benefits for Buying Employee Uniforms"


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The function of Facility Services in your Business is to assist in maintenance, cleanliness, and presentation. However, not understanding the functions themselves leads to causes in loss of profit. You see each item serves a purpose and each item has a threshold of ability. In most Businesses and likely including your own. The products being rented to serve these functions of Facility Services is overly inflated or inaccurately placed to serve their true application.

Why would this be? Because your best interest and the success of your business is not at the forefront of concern to a Uniform Company or Facility Service Rental/Lease provider. They strive on the Customer taking them at their word. But before we address this let's understand the Functions of Facility Services.

Why Facility Services are needed

As I outlined above the reason why Facility Services are needed is to assist in maintenance, cleanliness, and presentation. When you have floor coverings being protected from a properly placed rental mat service, a properly sized dust mop and wet mop program, the right kind of cleaning towels to perform specific job duties. All of these things have to be taken into consideration when creating accurate, functional, and an economic Facility Service Rental or Lease program.

Facility Services save your Business money! But it has to be right. When you look at maintenance you have to take into consideration as a business owner all the things no one else considers. How long will my floor coverings last before I have to replace? Am I capturing all the soils I could be entering my Business to keep it clean? Does my Business look presentable and attractive to my customer? These are just a few examples of questions that have to be answered. These questions are exactly why you need Facility Services.

Go check out these blog links to learn more

The Best Mop for Cleaning Floors

Facility Services No Ones Knows What That Is

Three Mat Sizes is all You Need

What kind of Facility Services do I need

Of all the questions I get this has to be perhaps my favorite. When I conduct Account Assessments and HELP a Business Owner to better understand the true items they need to conduct their daily business, there is nothing more rewarding. Assisting someone in becoming more successful in their pursuit of Entrepreneurship or continuing the legacy of a family-owned business is why I started this.

So, there are three questions I ask when I sit down with you to create an accurate, functional, and economic program. All of which can be achieved while working within the scope of these three things.

What is your annual Business growth goal?

What do you feel comfortable spending on the items you are receiving?

What is your ideal outcome for our Business Partnership

Are you asking yourself what any of those questions have to do with Facility Services? If so, that is quite alright. Truthfully, they have everything to do with how I design a program that fits your Business goals specific.

Every Business has different Facility Service needs, we have to look at your Business site, the items within the premises, the floor coverings, the exterior entry points, the Business you are in, the traffic count of customers, the outdoors environment.

Imagine this for a moment. What would you do as a Business Owner or Manager if I walked up and handed you a check for $2,500.00? Would you take that vacation you were just discussing with your spouse last week? Down payment on that first car for soon to be sixteen years old? Maybe pay off some debt?

Contact me today, click this link Contact The Uniform Broker

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How does Facility Service Benefit my Business

When you have a properly managed and an accurate list of products that your business needs. You are going to have minimized the need for maintenance, you are going to have a Business that displays cleanliness & professionalism, and you will have a created a welcoming presence to your customers that will lead to more repeat and referral business.

More than anything you will have the year after year benefit of Profit. Reduction in operational cost creates net profit growth. Cleanliness & Presentation promotes Gross Revenue growth through customer appreciation with repeated Business and referral Business. Ultimately leading to added net profits. So, the real question is how can you afford to not have Facility Services? How long will you continue to lose money on an ill functional program? Contact us, remember we are not associated with any Uniform Company. I am bringing Eighteen plus years of industry knowledge to HELP you become more successful.

Regarding the second paragraph on this Blog. The #1 job of the Uniform Company is to increase your weekly rental account value by 35% annually minimal. Meaning increased product placement for products already in your Business but upsold into areas that rightfully do not need it.

Check out my YouTube Channel there are tons of great informative videos

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When it comes to floor cleaning you have got to have the right Mop for the right type of floor. Today we are going to be discussing three types of Mops and what purpose they serve and application to which they serve. Each in their own right is designed for the specific task and we are going to take a look at three types of Mops.

Dust Mop

The Dust Mop was designed to be a light-duty or low traffic area cleaning mop for everyday use. Its main objective is to trap small everyday debris such as dust, lint, or pet hair for example. Also known as Dry Mopping or Dust Mopping this Mop makes light work of an everyday job. Now I will be sharing how to use a Dry Mop in a future update, surprisingly the way you use this Mop differs from a normal whisk broom or push broom. The Dust Mops is for smooth floor surfaces such as finished concrete, sanded & finished hardwood, laminate, or linoleum floors.

Microfiber Mop

There are many variations of Microfiber Mops you have Microfiber Dust Mop, Microfiber Wet Mop, Microfiber Wet Mop Pads. Like the Dust Mop, this Mop is for smooth surfaces and is the dominant style Mop found in medical facilities as it is great for not only its cleaning ability but that it also helps capture bacteria. Another great feature about the Microfiber Wet Mop is that it is also available in a Microfiber Wet Mop Scrubber Pad. Medical & Hospitality facilities enjoy this feature of the product because it allows for a “one and done” meaning each specific application such as a hospital room or lobby restroom uses only one Microfiber Wet Mop Pad and then disposed into the soils for laundering. There is a very specific method on How do you use a Microfiber Mop, and I will be writing a post on that for you as well. Keep in mind that Microfiber Wet Mops are available in the traditional “string style” as well and that type of Mop Head can be used on floor types like ceramic, finished concrete, etc.

Wet Mop

The old tried and true standard to mopping floors! A Mop Handle, Mop Head, & Mop Bucket combined makes a lean, mean, cleaning machine. That and some muscle! One consideration most never gives when investing in a Wet Mop purchase, lease, or rental is the size of Wet Mop and the person using it. There are four common variations in sizes small (8-10 oz. liquid), Medium (16-20 oz. liquid), Large (24-30 oz. liquid), or Extra Large (32-40 oz. liquid). Did you know that for every 8 oz. of Liquid is equivalent to ½ of a pound? That means for an Extra Large Wet Mop you could be sloshing around up to 5 lbs in weight. That is equal to nearly two bricks on the end of that handle! So, consider who is going to be using the Wet Mop and choose accordingly. This Wet Mop is super versatile and can be used on virtually any type of floor.

Visit us or contact us to Learn More on how we can help you at

Check out this video! Best Mop for Cleaning


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Mechanics will wear anything from T-shirts to shorts. Mostly it will depend on the environment they are working in and the location they are performing their work. You will mostly find mechanics wearing a provided work uniform or some form of provided workwear. This can either be a short sleeve or long sleeve style shirt, trousers or work shorts, some may even choose to wear a simple coverall over their personal clothes.

See this video:

What Do Mechanics Wear

Mechanic shirts and what they are made of?

Today’s mechanic shirt or uniform rental shirt has evolved tremendously. Although the standard 65% polyester/ 35% cotton blend remains the most popular choice given they are lightweight, breath well in hotter climates, and are less expensive. You can find performance fabrics making their way into the workwear scene. Mechanic shirts made with dry-fit or charged cotton, 100% spun polyesters for moisture-wicking are on the rise in popularity. However, the work environment and exposure still must be taken under consideration when choosing the right mechanic shirt or workwear apparel.

Get your FREE copy of my eBook "Measuring for Success" click here

The difference in uniform shirts and mechanic shirts

There truly is no separation between the two aside from the wearer themselves. If you choose to wear a specific style, color, or brand of shirt although not necessarily be provided by a rental service company you can still consider that to be a uniform.

Are work uniforms required?

Though most mechanic environments may provide a rental uniform the proprietor may not necessarily require it. However, it is strongly encouraged that the work environment you will be exposed to, should be assessed to ensure that proper workwear or mechanic uniforms be identified. Hazards may be present that certain blends of fabrics may pose higher safety threats than others.

Be sure and check out these videos

Tips for Getting the Right Fit




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Imagine this for a moment, you are looking over your invoice and “BAM” there it is! A twenty-five-dollar charge on top of your normal weekly rental invoice.

Yep, you just got damaged! So, what is a “damage” charge or fee or whatever the uniform company wants to call it?

The uniform rental industry definition is as follows - when a rental item has been removed from rental services due to premature wear & tear, or the intentional destruction of a rented item.

Let’s first address the intentional destruction. In my experience, and I cannot count how many times a uniform rental wearer has purposely ripped a pair of pants from ankle to ankle, why? Because the crotch seam blew out and just needed to be sewed. That is intentional destruction or the wearer whose pant cuff does not fit over their boots the way they like it, so they cut the inside seam to give it some flare. That is intentional destruction.

Maybe a wearer uses smokeless tobaccos and over time creates that snuff ring in the back pocket. This too is intentional destruction.

Another example is the uniform wearer who likes their uniform shirt sleeveless and decides to do some at home alterations. Yeah, these and a laundry list of other things happen all the time and rightfully should be billed damage charges.

Why? These are rented items not owned by the wearer or you as the customer. These products are owned by the uniform rental provider.

This is only a shortlist, by employing my services I can help identify and educate you on this area and start saving you money. There are so many ways that uniform companies use loss and damage as a means to increase their revenues and still sell you on the cost of RENTAL UNIFORMS. Truth is, Lost and Damaged fees are ways to make up those lost profits by quoting cheap uniform rental pricing. I will help protect your business from these costly mistakes and we together will create accurate, functional, and economic programs that enhance your business and not uniform companies bottom line.

Find out more by contacting us

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Uniform Rental Damaged and Lost

I want you to imagine a moment you received your invoice and when you looked it over you noticed an additional charge for a damaged uniform. Now think about the conversation you had with either the service representative or the uniform providers local office.

Did you get the response you were looking for? Chances are you did not.

A “damage” charge or fee as defined by the uniform rental industry is as follows - when a rental item has been removed from rental services due to premature wear & tear, or the intentional destruction of a rented item.

Today we are tackling pre-mature wear and tear. What is it, how is it determined, and what you should do. I am going to go over this in that order.

1. What is it? The simple definition is when a uniform item or a facility service item (i.e. mats, mops, towels) are forced to be removed from a rental service and replaced.

The cause could be as we talked about in part I, intentional destruction or accidental destruction (such as getting hung up in a barbed-wire fence and ripping the uniform or dropping paint on a mat).

2. How is it determined? In most cases, accidental destruction is communicated to the service representative and they order a replacement. However, the age of the garment plays into this and that is a conversation you should have with your service representative. You are being billed damage charges on a uniform that may have met or exceeded its life expectancy and you should not be billed for that.

3. What you should do? If you are charged for damages, you must request to see the item that is being billed for. Seems only fair right? Would you expect your customer to blindly pay a fee without seeing the culprit? So before cutting the check make certain you are seeing the rental item and have the service represented explain “why that charge is legitimate” if you agree you approve it and move on.

Learn more on how The Uniform Broker can help you and save your business money by clicking here

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Lost & Damaged charges, what determines them and how are these charges decided?

Uniform Rental Damaged and Lost

Lost & Damaged charges, what determines them and how are these charges decided?

By the show of comments below. How many of you have experienced the dreaded $500.00 uniform bill when an employee quits or gets terminated?

Ouch, right? Puts a sting into profits, doesn’t it?

Look I get it! It certainly would upset my day if someone got into my checkbook for something so easily managed.

This is probably the easiest item for you as a business owner to manage or for your uniform wearers to manage. Ultimately, yes, it is the job of the service representative who is providing you with your uniform rental services to do, but I encourage a pro-active approach to make sure no one gets into my money no more than necessary.

As I have said countless times in the past videos, this is about maximizing the value of a uniform rental program and streamlining your cash flow. Does that make sense?

Okay, so how do you manage the easiest charge that easily becomes the biggest charge? I have the answer. That answer can be found here! Follow the link and get your copy of How To Win At Uniform & Facility Services Rental.

Inside the pages of this book, I share with you my most powerful trade secrets that guarantee you will save money.

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Seven Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to rent uniforms?

You can expect an average cost of $6 per week per employee, or $312 per year. For just rental rates, this does not include setup, exchange fees, lost or damaged fees, etc…

How long should a work uniform last?

Depends on the material of the uniform, the environment the uniform is exposed too, and how hard the wearer is on the uniform. Typically, though somewhere between 12 to 18 months.

Can my employer make me wear a uniform?

Good question I would direct you to speak with your HR dept. However, in my experience, if the employer handbook states a dress code chances are you will be required.

What happens when an employee goes on vacation?

Charges for rental remain regardless. Rental rates are based on 52-week rental. However, if you employ our services these are items of negotiations.

How long does it take to get new uniforms?

Typically, one week if the uniforms style, color, and sizes are available. It could take longer if they are not common sizes, or the styles and colors are not available. You could expect anywhere from 4-6 weeks.

Who will measure my employees if we go with a rental program?

Usually, the sales rep or your service representative would be the one to handle this. Just be sure that it happens so you are not held responsible for exchange fees or restocking fees. Get a copy of our free eBook "Measuring for Success" to ensure getting the right fit.

Who do you recommend?

I cannot make a specific recommendation but will be happy to negotiate a program in your best interest with any of the uniform companies in your area. Click here to learn more

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Facility Services No One Knows What That Is

More than just mats

What are they and how can I enhance my business image with them? What are facility services? That really does not define much does it?

Alright, let’s get started with defining facility services. Now in the world of textile rental or more commonly called the “uniform business” these are what are known as one for ones.

What do I mean by one for one? That is when you give me one soil and I give you one clean.

Those items would be.

1. Mats indoor/outdoor

2. Mops wet/dry

3. Shop towels

4. Bar towels

5. Linens napkins, aprons, table cloths

In addition to these items, all of your disposable or one-way items are considered Facility Services as well. Examples would be hand soap, paper towels, toilet tissue, etc.


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What are Facility Services?

The Uniform Broker Part II Mops

Wondering what kind of rental mop, you need? So, you are trying to figure out what rental mops you need, how many, and where they are needed.

So, before we get too far into it you must first know that there are two kinds of mops dry mops and wet mops. Various sizes are available in both and most are made of synthetic materials that capture the soils and prevent bacterial growth.

Lets first talk about dry mops also known as dust mops.

First off, we need to determine where and what you will be using the mop for. Is it going to be for a warehouse, a break room, or maybe in the hallway?

Second, what kind of surface are you going to be using the mop on? This is important only because these style mops are not for brushing soils forward but instead, they glide across the top of the surface. Ideal surfaces are smooth finished concrete or smooth laminate style floor coverings. It would be a complete waste of money if you had these on your invoice and were trying to use them as a push broom.

Third, is what size do you need? This is determined by the square footage of the surface area you are wanting to use it for. Bigger is not always better in this case because it cannot effectively clean the surface and the cost is more expensive the larger the mop size. Determine your square footage of the surface area and use this as a guide for sizing accordingly. An example would be 340 sqft / 10 = 34 then round up to the nearest available size. In this example, a 36” dust mop would do. Typically dust mop providers will have sizes available in 24” 36” 48” & 60”.

Forth, how many do you need? This will be determined based on the conditions of the area being swept. Some environments with minimal foot traffic will only require maybe just one per week or even once every two weeks. But I would never go past two weeks to get a fresh dust mop. Other conditions may require a change a day. You can determine this with a simple audit by assessing the mops ability to trap and remove debris at the final clean up at days end.

Okay moving onto wet mops! Like the dust mop, they too are available in various sizes and determining what is right for you is slightly different than figuring square footage as these mops require more physical exertion than that of the dust mop.

Starting there first, it is my recommendation that you assess who is going to be using the wet mop. In most cases, a single wet mop can absorb up to 5x its dry weight. As an example, if you have a wet mop that has a dry weight of 28 ounces and after full absorption, it could potentially now weigh 140 ounces or 8 ¼ pounds. That is the equivalent of trying to move 4 bricks with every move. Most providers offer sizes in dry weights of 12, 24, or 28 oz.

Second, how many do you need? Again, different from dust mops. The most important step in wet mops is done not to leave them in a mop bucket. Dirty water equals dirty mop. Rinse your mop bucket and rinse out the wet mop and hang to dry. You do this, and you can easily go one mop from week to week for each designated area.

Third, I just mentioned the designated area! That is right, every wet mop should have a designated area. So, when determining how many you need weekly you must take into consideration what I call “zones,” examples of “zones” are:

a. Restrooms – one for women’s and one for the men’s plus one each for the total number you have in your facility.

b. Kitchens

c. Behind the bar

d. General or Lobby

Never remove a wet mop from its designated zone to go mop another area. You will have cross contaminated and that will require replacing the wet mop with a fresh one and then mopping the contaminated area again. Ultimately costing you time and money.

To learn more or to connect with The Uniform Broker click here


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How it really works

The life cycle of a rental program. Whether you are a CEO, CFO, Business Owner, Buyer, Procurement Specialist, whatever your title is in some way you have dealt with the life cycle of your uniform rental or facility services rental program.

Call it what you want, competitive analysis, request for proposal, bids! It all circles right back to this.


One reason only, you do not see value in the services you are receiving for the cost that is being billed for. So, either you seek out a new vendor, which is what every uniform sales rep is hoping for, or you negotiate with the existing vendor. Either way who ends up having to deal with all of it? You!

Let’s walk through this! I am going to use the example of being a $100.00 a week rental account. That’s an all in weekly for uniforms, mats, towels, and other facility services.

At the start, the sale was made, and a sales rep that you will never see again is moving on down the road happy to cash their commission check and if they did their job you overbought.

Year 1- Anniversary day! Here comes that rate increase. “What” Yeah, anywhere between 8-12% each year. Now your $5,200.00 rental spend is $5,824.00 or $112.00 a week for year two.

Year 2- Here we are again, another year another rate increase. Your $5,824.00 annual rental spend becomes $6,522.88 you are now $1,300+ a year more than you were when you started. But wait there is more!

Year 3- Four months in and you are being notified that due to rising cost in the industry a need for a rate increase must be imposed. Time to tack on another rate increase. 17 weeks into the third year you go from a projected spend of $6,522.88 annually or $125.44 a week to now $140.49 making your rental spend for year three $7,049.63

Year 4- Happy Anniversary! Can’t believe four years have come and gone already. To celebrate here is your annual rate increase. You go from spending $7,049.63 to $7,895.59 or $151.84 a week for the same rental, the same mats, the same towels you started with at $100.00 a week. A 51.8% increase from when you started. Now, here is where it gets interesting, you start welcoming competitors in your door, you start talking about these costs with your current service representative. You are either negotiating or you are listening to a (sales rep) just like you spoke to in the beginning just from another company. All promising great value, great savings, great service.

Year 5- Decision time. 1. you can do nothing and watch the cost soar. 2. Renegotiate and may or may not get a price increase in the coming year. 3. Start all over with a whole new vendor and deal with all the headaches that come with it or stay with the current vendor and you may get a slight cost break for another 5-year commitment.

All of this is just rental rate and has nothing to do with setup fees, lost fees, damage fees, oversize fees, replacement fees, and more.

I have a question for you, why are you putting yourself through this? You have a business to run, right? You got money that needs to be made? Employees, Bills, a family to take care of?

Have The Uniform Broker take care of this for you! Imagine the relief you would have knowing you have an expert in your corner that can go to work on your behalf securing functional, economical, and accurate rental programs?

I do not work for any uniform company, I am not associated or affiliated with any of them. I work for you by applying over eighteen years of industry knowledge and experience.

Don’t entrust your business, your image, your money to those whose only job is to make themselves more money!

Learn more about what the uniform broker can do for you and your business and start saving money today!

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Am I overpaying for uniform rental?

You are paying to much! Every week you watch the uniform truck drive off with more than just dirty clothes and mats, but your additional profit too! So, what are we going to do about it? What are we going to do about keeping more profit as opposed to watching it drive away?

Are you interested in saving 20% or more?

Let’s walk through this. I am going to show you two examples! Because this is real money we are talking about. First, the small business owner! Your account for uniforms, mats, and towels cost you $75.00 a week. The agreement you have entered is a standard 60 months or 260 weeks. Your one-year rental only spend is $3,900.00 x 18% average for lost or damaged product adding another $702.00 bringing your total to $4,602.00 plus another $624.00 for new employee set up and replacements or exchange of size. Altogether a total of $5,226.00 that is 34% more than your rental only number.

If only saving half of that at 17% you would have been $663.00 more profitable x 5 years = $3,315.00 back in your pocket.

Get your FREE copy of my eBook "Measuring for Success" click here

Large business, like a small business just a larger dollar value. Your account in this example is $750.00 a week for all your uniforms, mats, towels, and all the other facility services (mops, bathroom supplies, chemicals), just like the small business account you have 5-year standard contract/ 260 weeks. A one-year rental only a total of $39,000.00 x 18% for lost or damaged product, because of employee turnover. Giving a new total of $46,020.00 plus another $6,240.00 for new employee setup and size exchanges or replacements. For a grand total of $52,260.00, think for a moment what a 10% savings could do! If you are the Manager that could be the difference of making your bonus year after year.

A $26,130.00 savings potentially over the term of the contract.

Do not tackle this alone, with over 18 years of industry experience I know how to save you money on your uniform and facility service rental cost. With my processes, we show you how to put 20% or more in savings back to your bottom-line.

Our account assessment services are available nationwide by video conferencing. Starting at only $529.00 you cannot afford to pass on this, learn more on how to stop paying too much by contacting The Uniform Broker today!

Check out my video on this


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Rental towel usage

If you are using bar/bath towels like in the food & hospitality industry or using shop towels for automotive industry purposes. Chances are you have seen your towel cost spiral out of control. The Uniform Broker Stephen here, welcome back, today I am sharing 5 tips to saving on your towel cost.

So, how many of you have experienced your towel cost going through the roof? Leave me a comment.

Alright let’s get to these 5 tips

1. Training-training new team partners are crucial in cutting towel usage. An expectation must be set so everyone is on the same page.

2. Set a daily per person issue, when issued a quantity it is amazing how conservative and resourceful, we become.

3. Two folds for four uses, this ties in with training and daily issued amount. If you want to learn more about this drop me a comment or contact us through our website on the contact us page.

4. Grill pads instead of bar towels, if you have grill stations get some grill pads, you can rent them if your provider offers them. You are likely to be using 4x as many bar towels because the grill is being cleaned with a below-par product.

5. Get soil towel counts- knowing how many towels you are paying for vs. how many are in use can help adjust to a proper inventory, analyze and adapt.

Learn more by contacting me by visiting and contact us today for a full Account Assessment where we bring guaranteed money-saving processes to your business.


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What makes a bar towel

Let's get started! What makes a bar towel?

1. It is 100% cotton, which makes them great for absorbing spills and wiping debris.

2. They have a distinctly recognizable blue, green, or yellow line down the middle of them.

3. They will have sewn edges to prevent fraying.

4. Most bar towels measure 18x24 giving you maximum cleaning ability when used properly.

Who needs it?

1. Restaurants

2. Delis

3. Grocery stores

4. Convenient stores

5. Bars

These are just a few examples, but several places could use them.

How many do you need?

I use a very simple formula five towels per person per day + 10%. If I had a restaurant that had 1 head chef, 2 Sous Chefs, 5-line cooks, 2 bar towels, 2 dishwashers, and 4 bus persons may need each week would be:

5 (towels pp) x 16 (users) = 80 (per day) x 5 (days worked) = 400 (weekly total) x 10% (buffer) = 440 towels.

This is where I suggest you reference a prior video titled “the uniform broker talks bar towel cost” and I explain a technique I call the “double-fold!” you will gain maximum efficiency and decrease your need for a large inventory.

Now that we have established the what, who, and how!

What is right for you? Rental or purchase? To answer that question we need to go through an evaluation and have a conversation. There are cost variables that come in to play such as:

a. Initial cost

b. Replacement cost

c. Disposal cost

d. Cleaning cost

for purchasing vs. rental where there is no initial cost, but you will have:

a. Rental cost (fraction of initial cost)

b. Replacement

c. Delivery

This is where it is important that you as the “customer” get with me your “expert” and together we will evaluate what is in the best interest of your business by designing a functional, economical, and accurate program that is right for you.

For a complete and accurate evaluation of the services, you need to contact me by visiting


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Three Mat Sizes Are All You Need...

Three mat sizes are all you need

Rental mats

Depending on what your goals are for your business the following three mat sizes are all that is needed for a functional mat rental program. Special sizes equal special higher prices.

So here they are,

1. 3x5 - this mat is designed for single door entry, it is available for indoor and outdoor. There are other interior applications for this size mat, and I will have another video on that for you.

2. 4x6 - so this mat is for larger single swing doors and double doors, like a 3x5 it is available for outdoor and indoor.

3. 3x10 - also known as a runner. This mat serves a great purpose in interior hallways where a door from let’s say a production area to an office area is at.

For your personal Account Assessment to ensure you are getting the right mat size for the right application contact me by visiting


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My top five power mats

Today we are going to be talking about facility services, more specifically MATS! In my research, I have found that there is a huge gap in question to answers about MATS and today we are going to touch base on a few things I think will help.

Now every mat serves a purpose and if applied correctly it can be financially beneficial but if applied incorrectly it can become financially devastating.

So, what are the rental and lease-style mats?

Here are my top 5 power mats and they are available to you by facility service rental providers.

1. Indoor (carpeted)

2. Outdoor (scraper)

3. Anti-Fatigue

4. Message

5. Logo (personalized)

So mat placement and what I call mat marriage is fundamental in maximizing the total benefit of a floor mat rental program.

Learn more by contacting me at


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Mechanic Shop Towel

The red shop towel could there be any other more tangible workday product that has so much history?

Think about it for a minute. How many of you could go back through family scrapbooks or photos and see a picture of your Granddad, Dad, Uncle, or even an Aunt standing out by the car under the old shade tree and at least someone if not all of them has a red shop towel dangling from their rear left pocket or stuffed in the front right pocket?

Maybe you have photos of a family member who has served or is serving in the Military. Again, who has seen some of the best photos of our service members men and women leaned up against the front of an old jeep Willys or the modern-day Humvee!

There is no denying that the red shop towel is a physical metaphor for the backbone of hard-working people across this world. What makes it so special? Who needs it? How many do you need? How to dispose of properly.

So, what makes it so special?

1. It is 100% cotton, this means it is great for absorbing oils and greases.

2. Various sizes available, 14x17 is pretty much the standard but oversize’s are available in 18x18.

3. They’re durable

4. They don’t cost much so you get exceptional value

5. You can pack them and take a handful anywhere. Toolbox, behind the seat, roadside kit, etc.

Who needs it?

1. Automotive repair shops

2. Quick Lubes

3. Automotive body shops

4. Machine shops

5. Marine repair

6. Manufacturing

These are just a few examples but they’re so versatile several places could be listed.

How many do you need? I use a very simple formula ten towels per person per day + 10%. If I had an automotive shop that had five mechanics our need would be:

10 (towels pp) x 5 (users) = 50 (per day) x 5 (days worked) = 250 (weekly total) x 10% (buffer) = 275 towels.

Now that we have established the what, who, and how! We must talk about the disposal.

Shop towels are exposed to a lot of different solvents, cleaners, oils, and greases. It is my recommendation that if you are not using fire can then get one to store your dirty towels in.

Also, never ever place a saturated or dripping towel in the dirty towel bin. If possible, wring it out and let it air dry before putting it in the dirty towel bin. Combustion could possibly occur.

So, what is right for you? Rental or purchase? The answer to that question can only be determined when we go through an evaluation and have a conversation. There are cost variables that come in to play such as

a. Initial cost

b. Replacement cost

c. Disposal cost

d. Cleaning cost

when purchasing vs. rental where there is no initial cost, but you will have:

a. Rental cost (fraction of initial cost).

b. Replacement

c. Delivery

This is where it is important that you as the “customer” get with me your “expert” and together we will evaluate what is in the best interest of your business by designing a functional, economical, and accurate program that is right for you.



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Rental Uniforms from order to delivery

Today I'm answering that question. How long does it take to get uniforms from ____________? I have got an answer for you. So here we go. Have you ever had to wait for your uniforms to be delivered from the rental company? If you have a comment, share your story. Alright, so how long does it take to get uniforms from the uniform company a, b, or c? That again is a great question and on average for standard sizes and again standard sizes being pretty much a medium size shirt to an extra-large size shirt or 34-inch waist to a 42-inch waist, those are going to be classified as standard sizes.

Anything bigger, longer than that, chances are you're going to have to wait on them. So, two weeks for standard goods, again, the medium through extra-large, 34 to 42 waist, those you can probably see in about two weeks' time from your rental company, or you could pursue just get the garments that you're looking for direct, through an affiliate such as, the uniform broker. You know, we have over 50 plus national brands with over 100,000 plus items readily available for shipping directly from manufacturer to your doorstep inside two weeks, which is awesome.

Now, back to the question of how long does it take to get uniforms from a uniform company. If you have a length longer than 34 inches, you're going to wait a little while. If you happen to require a four-inch tail on your shirt or if you require a longer sleeve length longer than 34 inches, that's going to take a little while. I mean that's just how it works. Now, if it happens to be available in the local stock room as a used garment or a secondary garment, it can get fulfilled and gotten to you rather quickly. There is not a guarantee on that though. Fulfillment comes from the vendors and depending on how quick they expedite that process is going to determine how quick you actually get it. So again, if you were above and beyond anything outside of the standard sizes, the easy answer is two weeks, four weeks, six weeks, six months. Your guess is as good as mine on that one for anything else outside of the standard.

Come visit the website. That's and check out our brand new online store. As I said, we have over 50 brand affiliations now with over a hundred thousand plus items. We can truly manage your workplace apparel and uniform program. So until next time, everybody.. Have a successful day.


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How Industrial Launders Work and The Process To Clean Your Uniforms

What does my uniform company use to clean uniforms?

What does my uniform company use to clean uniforms? So, a great question and I am glad to answer. If you've ever wondered how your uniforms get laundered or washed by your uniform company comment below, let me know that you use uniforms on a day in, day out the basis for your everyday workplace apparel or uniform program. What does my uniform company use to clean uniforms? So industrial laundry is not remotely anything like what you would give it considered to be or what you might think that it is. The washing machines you have inside your home for residential use typically are no more than capable of laundry up to 14 pounds. That is a pretty good size capacity. A washing machine for commercial use at rental services or industrial launderers is up to 600 pounds. Check out this picture.

This is an example of an industrial wash alley. Each of those machines represents laundry sizes from 400 pounds to 600 pounds per load, what is your uniform company using to clean your uniform? Well, it's definitely not the name brand detergent that you find at the local big box store that we all use in our residential machines for sure. What is actually used is a chemical process. There are different wash formulas with different chemical additives that actually get pumped into the machines at different points throughout the actual wash cycle. It's not a detergent-like what you might have thought it is actually chemicals, and these chemicals are designed to disinfect, sterilize, and neutralize odors, bacteria, and more.

That's how a uniform company cleans your uniforms, they actually just bulk everything together and it all starts at the pickup point, your place of business where the actual route representative soil sorts, all of the garments based by color and fabrics. All of that is taken into consideration to know what needs to be performed in the wash process. It's very important to make certain that you get everything out of your pockets. Ink pens especially, when you're washing 600 lbs at a load one ink pen can ruin a lot of garments.

Be sure and check out


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