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Growth Navigator by The Uniform Broker

Our GROWTH NAVIGATOR is a one on one guide to help you through the process of becoming a Uniform & Facility Services provider from securing material fulfillment to prospecting and securing rental clients.

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How we help you become a Uniform Company…

First, we begin with the consult meeting! Here we will discuss company goals, timeline, competitive market share, your niche, and more…

Second, we enter the strategy phase. In this process, we lay out a “plan of action” with you that aligns in achieving your goals. This include’s conducting a Competitive Analysis that can identify the strengths & weakness of the competition, conducting prospect customer interviews based on your niche client, auditing your current position to provide service based on the goals discussed, understanding your Brand and how that message will convey to your prospective customer, and more…

The strategy phase is where the business plan for your new growth is written. It will allow you to have a documented resource to help guide you through hiring, training, and if required financial lending.

Third, we align you with the vendors you will need to fulfill the products you will offer clients.

Forth, we connect you with our “Preferred” Business partners.

Our Brand Strategist will guide you through the process of messaging, promise, design, and marketing implementation. Our Website designer will construct the online presence you will need to effectively market your business. Although the use of our Preferred Business partners is not required as part of GROWTH NAVIGATOR, we do encourage partnering with professionals who can assist you in effectively conveying your goals through online presence and Brand Identity.

With GROWTH NAVIGATOR we work alongside you in training staff from sales to service.

Examples of what you receive with GROWTH NAVIGATOR

Terms of Agreement templates

Sales Script templates

Service Team training

How to price a rental program

How to price a “COG” program (customer-owned garment)

and more…